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From the Pastor's Pen - April 19, 2020

What an Easter we had! It’s weird to say that, in the hunkered-down life we’re living. But the New Life of Jesus cannot be contained.

It was very different, to say the least, to celebrate the Triduum (Thursday Friday Saturday) like that—four guys in an empty church. Before the first service, we talked about “keeping it real”—that it was just us four ministers holding the liturgy, and not pretending we had a crowd there; while being aware that hundreds more were watching and, to the extent they could, participating.

The Lord took over. I’m still pretty amazed that our preaching was not “a step down” in any sense. God filled me and Fr. Nickolai every bit as much as for a full church. And the reactions began immediately on Flocknotes site where the video was linked to, and in other ways in notes and from the cars, that you felt filled up and edified. I’m still going over the videos and tape of the services and homilies, writing them out in text and reflecting on them as I do.

The Drive-Thru Easter greeting was so much fun. We had about 50 cars. So many of you did dress up, and there were more signs and lots of smile. A relief for me, and the four of us, to see you.

So there is a spirit coming up underneath this crazy situation. If I wondered if God could make a shared spirit of joy form up in a time of restraints and physical separation--, well, I didn’t wonder, but if I did, I would know now—He absolutely can, and has.

Thanks for all this joy and love. And for your offertory giving, which this week is close to what it had been before. Some government help to pay our workers and other expenses as we keep our services and ministries, seems to be coming too.

One thing we know: IT IS EASTER SEASON, and will be for 50 days. Let’s “keep it real” and observe the joy and hope of the season.


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