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From the Pastor's Pen

The Holy Eucharist is our greatest gift as the Church, and is the primary reason the Church has lasted since the time of Jesus. We need to insure that all those who cannot attend Sunday Mass are brought Holy Communion, and that it is done in a sacred way. Taking the Eucharist from the church is a commission by the parish, not an individual choice. If you know of a parishioner who is unable to attend Sunday Mass and wishes to receive Holy Communion, please follow these procedures so that the sick person is served and the Eucharist is properly respected. --The first step to serve the one in need is to call the parish office at 837-3410 and ask for Sr. Emily, Ext. 102. She will keep the list of those needing Holy Communion and inform Fr. Tom week by week as the needs change. Except for emergencies, the parish provides Communion only to St. Rose parishioners, as others are under their pastor’s pastoral responsibility. (If an exception to this is needed, please talk to Sr. Emily.) Holy Communion is brought to those who cannot attend a Sunday Mass, though it may be brought any day that week. Missing a weekday Mass is not normally a cause to bring communion to the home. --Sr. Emily assigns the minister who brings communion to each one in need. The one bringing Communion of course must be a commissioned Parish (or Archdiocesan) Eucharistic Minister. Of course a family member who is a Eucharistic Minister can be delegated, but we also assign another minister, deacon, or priest to make visits at some point because the homebound is to receive the ministry and support of the parish community, not just the family. A minister taking the Eucharist is to go directly from the church to the home or facility of the homebound, without going to their own home or other errands first. Unused hosts are to be brought immediately back to the church. --Please let the deacon or priest know before Mass (or after) if Sr. Emily has delegated you to take a Host to those in need. If you plan to bring Holy Communion to anyone, please begin immediately to call the parish office, and Sr. Emily will see that you or another minister are assigned. Next Sunday we will address how hosts are distributed at Mass to our ministers.


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