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From the Pastor's Pen - What a Weekend!

WHAT A WEEKEND! There are some that just are like that, and last weekend was one of those. We started Friday night with the Parish Festival, and what a hard-working group brings it off. They’ve been working for months, and handled it smoothly right through all day Saturday. The day came off so well, even with a couple of showers. The crowds stayed or returned. It was a great community weekend—much fun was had in visiting and reuniting. Beyond the Committee, thanks to others like the seniors who sold ride tickets, the men's club and ladies group, and many parent volunteers. I’ll say more here as further results come in.

Thanks to so many of you who observed my anniversary of ordination to the priesthood on Sunday, May 20. This was my 40th, and I just wanted a quiet time of celebration and thanks to God and to the church. The staff treated me to a nice barbecue, with Fr. Mike Lydon, and we had a nice relaxing time.

Because of the springtime ordinations shared by many, the usual transfers to adjust the needs of the parishes with priests was announced last weekend. This was all announced in this week’s Review paper. I’m continuing at St. Rose, going into my eighth year here. Fr. Steve is going to pastor the parish of St. Ignatius at Concord Hill/Marthasville (Washington MO area). He’s been able to grow in health here; he’s greatly improved our connections with other parts of the diocese, attended youth sports tournaments, and anointed many sick. He’ll be sharing more of what his three years with us mean to him.

We’re blessed to get an associate in his place: Fr. John Nickolai. Fr. Nickolai has been ordained just five years, and was nearby at St. Ferdinand’s some of that time. Getting a fulltime associate these days is a real privilege, and I’m grateful to the Archdiocese.

We’re now, in our liturgical life, in Ordinary Time. We’ll hear Jesus’ plan for the Kingdom of God unfolded all the way to fall. It’s a great time of growth in faith and love, in our ordinary times.


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