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From the Pastor's Pen - Jan. 21

As we start on Sundays now with the very beginning of the Gospel, Jesus asked us, “What are you looking for?” What a great question. What, indeed? This year Jesus will open up life-giving answers. Mostly this year, we’ll hear from the Gospel of Mark, who presents a very humble, suffering, servant of all: “The Son of Man”, sometimes called “The Human One.”

This very human one has already shown us that his salvation is for ALL people, of all nations, all continents. He was discriminated against because of where he was born. He would look out of place in our parish church here. But at his birth the angels sang “Peace to ALL of good will”; the Wise Men are said to have represented ALL nations worshipping Christ, and calling ALL people to him. So no Christian, no Catholic, could look at any other person, any race of people, any nation or continent, without respect, but would see them as people whom God created and who are actually us.

A national controversy over respecting ALL people, because of whatever words were spoken at high levels, has led to a “four-letter word” being repeated in full even in the highest national newspapers, when it never had been a month ago. I’m disappointed to see this. Do we play to the lowest common standards of public courtesy? Crude words, of no matter how many letters, were not allowed in our house as I grew up. My mom and dad saw to that. Well, as one who has the honorary title “Father” in the parish, I want to set the tone that “four-letter” words, or others commonly regarded as crude or vulgar, are not part of our public dealings in meetings or written records. The words we use to each other convey our respect, or lack of it, and show the view we have of those we’re speaking to. Demonstrating a crude or vulgar view of those around us, or of any person or group, will not advance the work of the Body of Christ.


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