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From the Pastor's Pen - Jan. 14

You must have seen the Wise Men last week, crossing the front of the rectory on their way to the outdoor crib. This little race, enacted in many parishes, symbolizes the great lengths they went to in order to find the Christ Child. (I didn’t actually arrange this little daily race; it was another buddy of the parish who did it). They are some of my favorite figures in the Gospels. They were indeed wise and learned, and they laid down their wisdom and talents at the crib to receive illumination from Jesus. They’re popular because they show all of us our journey to Christ.

As I celebrated New Year’s this year, and looked back on 2017, I felt I have a lot to be grateful for. Tops on the list is the parish. The strong spirit is shown in increasing volunteerism, new efforts—and the shock, almost, of our first balanced budget. This all reflects a community strong in faith in Christ, in a variety of circumstances. My own spirituality continues to deepen as I live and serve here, and that’s a testament to this community also for me.

Speaking of the New Year—an article on the facing page asks for better accountability for the property and practices of the parish. An increasing number of things come as a surprise to me, and to the staff and volunteers trying to serve the parish. Things are the way they are for a reason, and should only be changed after questioning us at the Parish Office. A rule of thumb: If you wouldn’t change or undo something at a company you work for without asking, it shouldn’t be done here at the Body of Christ, either.

Following up on the nature of the Eucharistic Prayers: the new translation, started in 2011, reverts to some older words in church theology that may not be common to us. One, for instance, is “oblation”. It means an act of self-sacrifice, self-giving, to God, made in union with Jesus’ sacrifice of His life for us. So this one word does contain rich meaning when used at Mass.


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