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From the Pastor's Pen - Second Sunday of Advent

THIS IS THE DAY. I said that about last Sunday, when we revived our hope in the Lord’s Coming at the End of All Time. And this is the day too, because with John the Baptist we're called today to individual conversion to hasten this coming. (1 Peter 3 today) For God's reign is at hand: the kingdom of peace, fairness, harmony, fullness for all people: a time of comfort for His people, as Isaiah speaks in the first reading today. But the only way to start moving our world toward this kingdom is for each of us to reform.

As I go on in ministry, and see the church offering us many ways to reform (i.e. grow in faith), I'm struck by how often good Catholics take this up as what other people need to do--”Yeah, they need this.” “It's about time some of those people start to change.” It's often acted out by older ones toward our youth. Well, these words of John the Baptist are meant for you! And for me. Use today's scriptures to examine your life according to Isaiah, Peter’s call to conduct ourselves in holiness and devotion; and John again: “Be baptized in the Holy Spirit!”

And that leads us to: Reconciliation. The Baptist’s call to show evidence of conversion is well lived out by celebrating this sacrament. Our children are leading the way. In November, our 2nd Graders celebrated their First Reconciliation, with joy and excitement. they told me they felt “Good -Awesome -Cool - Like I died and rose again.” I received Reconciliation this week myself. And Tuesday, the entire school will be offered the opportunity, and they will make good use of it. This Sunday, today, we have our Advent Penance Service at noon, with four confessors. Let’s show The Baptist we mean it. “With a little child to show the way . .. (Isaiah 11).


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