Youth Ministers

Youth Ministers Kristin Ortiz and Joe Murphy coordinate youth ministry activities and events for our parish.

Youth Ministries

Romans 8 Fellowship

Romans 8 Fellowship is our high school youth ministry. We get together monthly for fun events, hanging out in the Romans 8 room, sharing our faith, and joining other Northeast County youth for bigger events.

Isaiah 64 Middle School Ministry

Isaiah 64, our middle school group (grades 5-8), gathers on the third Saturday evening of each month during the school year. Click here for our current meeting information.






* * *Thank You from Our Youth Group* * * 

The Romans 8 Youth Group trip to Steubenville was full of blessings! A big thank you again, to all those who supported through prayer, time, and donations.


On July 20-22, 21 teens, 1 young adult, and 4 adults from St. Rose & St. Norbert Youth Group were able to join over 3,000 others at the Steubenville Conference: Revealed. A BIG thank you to all those who supported through prayer, time, and donations! Have you ever seen Jesus bring an arena of over 3,000 young people to their knees? Forget what we can do…some of the teens from our parish would like to share what God can do. Our God is real and alive. If you are ever tempted to forget it, come find one of the teens!


“God revealed to me that there are other people that go through the same stuff as me, I have so many people that are supporting me, and I am not alone. God absolutely blessed me by letting me go on this trip!” -Grace M.


 “I learned that God puts the right people in your life when you need them the most. I met so many new friends & grew closer with my youth group. This experience was the most overwhelming & empowering event in my life. It was crazy to see how so many teens can come together, believe in the same things, and worship together. I felt so many amazing emotions. There were times when people were jumping up & down; getting pumped up to the songs. There were times when the 3,000+ teens in the stadium were singing in unison. There were times when your heart felt so full it was gonna burst out of your chest. There were times when people were crying because they were so overwhelmed with the love of God. There were times when people started laughing because they were so happy they couldn’t contain it. There were times when everyone put their hand on their neighbor’s shoulder and prayed for them. There were times when the whole crowd was swaying and flashlights were in the air. There were times when you could feel God’s presence in the room. There were times you knew everyone had each other’s backs. There was a cloud of love that hung over the stadium. Hugs and compliments were given, prayers were said, hands were raised, songs were sung, & friendships were formed. Love was everywhere.” -Breanna B.


“God revealed to me that, while at times I can fall and hurt others in the process, He still loves me and through my faith I can be forgiven.” –Rob G.


“God revealed to me that we will never be alone in any struggles we face through life. In fact, God has provided everyone with people they can turn to in times of need. Whether it be family, friends, youth group, priests, deacons, or the Church community. God created these types of beings to provide love and support for all of his creation. It is up to us, his followers, to utilize these tools to help us through any tribulations we may face within our lives.” –Anthony A.


 “God revealed to me that I am not struggling with things alone, because He is always there for me, as well as everyone else who went to Steubenville!” –Grace B.


“God revealed to me that the fight can be won as long as I have Him and others I care about in my life.” –Brittany B.

Luke 18 Retreat 2018
Luke 18 Retreat 2018
Luke 18 Retreat 2018
Luke 18 Retreat 2018
Luke 18 Retreat 2018

Luke 18 Retreat

God is good...all the time! All the time...God is good! The Luke 18 Retreat for our St. Rose and St. Norbert 8th graders was a blessing in more ways than one. Here's what the 8th graders had to say about their experience.


The Luke 18 retreat brought so much love into my life, and it gave me so much hope and strength. It left me feeling like I have an entire new family who is completely open and willing to be there for me, and I’m willing to be there for them. This retreat brought together so many amazing people, and getting to be with all of them for an entire weekend was life changing and so inspiring. It was by far one of the best things I’ve ever been a part of.

- Paige G.

It honestly meant a lot to me, because I was holding a lot of grudges going into that weekend. I felt like I was lost because God wasn't as present in my life as He should be. And Saturday night, I walked into church
, sat down in the pew, and I started to cry because I was thinking of what I have been doing to hurt people and God's friendship with me. When I got the letters from my family, I started to cry even more because I realized that no matter what...God and my family will love me. When I wrote my letter of apologies and burned it, I cried because I realized that if God can forgive me for all the sins I have made, then I can forgive the people who have hurt me. Going on Luke 18 has been the best decision I have made in awhile.

-Joey R.


The Luke 18 retreat was a chance to grow in my faith with my friends and as a person. The environment provided to me was ideal for all types of spiritual growth that I achieved this weekend. This weekend was the first time that I truly felt the Holy Spirit everywhere all around me and inside me. It was a beautiful thing and it was life changing

- Marin E.


It meant so much to me. I felt so much closer to my friends and God after the retreat!!! The retreat was so uplifting and spiritual! I will sure comeback!!!

-Charlie D.


It made me feel closer to God and at peace. I enjoyed making new friends and finding myself along my faith journey.
- Emma A.

The retreat made me feel so much love from people that I just met. It helped me find a new side of myself and grow my faith. I loved making new friends and making my faith so much stronger.
-Emma M.