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From the Pastor's Pen - Oct. 13

Last weekend was very edifying for me as pastor here. First we had the initial returns of the Stewardship Covenant Cards. We received close to a hundred, even though the cards arrived in your mail late in the week. I’ve reviewed them, and so many of them showed an increase in the Offertory gift, typically about $5 a week, as I said I’m doing this again this year. This bodes very well for our coming year. Just as inspiring were the many intentions to serve in a parish ministry—to continue, or to start in a new one. And if one couldn’t give in one or other of these in a new way, I got notes they would be praying for the parish, definitely a form of Stewardship.

So if you haven’t yet, I ask that you take your card and take a few moments to reflect—on your weekly gift as a good steward, grateful to God for all; and the same with your intentions of service—to enter a new ministry, or continue in one. Please mark it the card, and bring it to Mass next week (or drop it at the office). Whether increased, the same, or less, please return this card as it this helps us plan for what’s ahead—This part is for each one in the household. Getting each card back is important to us.

The other edifying thing was the return of many interested in the Word On Fire Faith Sharing Groups. Some people said they have a ready-made group; others just expressed interest in joining with a group. We’re working with it now, and we’ll take the new signups we get this weekend and continue to make a chart of groups. Remember we need some host homes, and some to serve as a facilitator to guide the viewings and the sharings. We hope to start next week. We can all pray for the Women ACTS Retreat this weekend. Fr. Nickolai is accompanying them, and we’ll see them here for the 10:30 Mass. This week I’ll be on a Priests Study Week. We’re going to study the Gospels of Matthew, which will come up in the new church year starting December. We’ll also celebrate Deacon Herb Gettemeier’s funeral here Wednesday. He’s been an outstanding servant to the church. 

-Fr. Tom

Eternal Rest Grant Unto Him, O Lord: Deacon Herb Gettemeier We are sorry to inform you that Deacon Herb Gettemeier passed away on Wednesday, October 2. Deacon Herb's Funeral Mass will be here at our parish on Wednesday, Oct. 16th at 11am. Here is a link to his full obituary:


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