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From the Pastor's Pen - June 30, 2019

We’re Here—we’re in the Ordinary Time of the Church year. Pentecost ended the

Easter Season two weeks ago, and then the Sunday feasts of Trinity and Corpus

Christi, last Sunday, extended special feasts. Now the Sundays too will be “ordinary”

selections of the Gospel, this year from Luke. Corpus Christi, which we celebrated last

Sunday, is always a joyful time to celebrate our faith in Christ with us in the bread and wine of the Eucharist, and the sacrifice of His life for us. Jesus’ words were: “This is My Body”, offering no less than His very self. I asked at Masses: What can we do? If he goes that far, what can we offer? There are many ways we can offer ourselves with Him as a Eucharistic sacrifice. A great number enjoy quiet, rich prayer before the Eucharist in our Adoration Chapel. Some hours, especially morning, are open and need more presence. Please call us to ask how to find out. We also extend His presence by taking Communion to the homebound. A number of our people are involved in this tender, caring ministry; we can use more people to cover the large number of people served.

Last Saturday morning here was a beautiful Mass of recommitment for six Sisters of Divine Providence, Sr. Emily’s community. They celebrated anniversaries in professed religious life totaling 410 years, from 75 years, to 65 and 60 years by parishioners Sr. Gabriella Rogenski and Sr. Joann Simanella (you’ll see them next to Sr. Emily at Mass). It was awe-inspiring to reflect on the vows they took as young women, and how they’ve lived them out in prayer, community, and service.

And we finally gave an appreciation gift to those who made possible our terrific enactment of a landing by St. Rose Philippine Duchesne to her namesake parish, which we did in November. We recognized the entire Pilla family: Paul, Kathy, Meghan, Michael, and Sarah, for the ship and the players; Jean Heckmann for the nuns habits, Cara Koen for coordinating the meal for 200+; and Molly Grun and Grace Beane, who stood as sisters with St. Rose Philippine Duchesne.

-Fr. Tom


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