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From the Pastor's Pen - July 14, 2019

I said I’d let you know the results of our Facilities Capital Campaign, with the letters

you received and envelopes that spelled out the projects. Some gifts are still coming in,

but at this point we’ve raised $36,000. This is a great accomplishment, and I’m deeply

grateful for the show of interest in keeping our facilities viable. The gifts have ranged

from $10,000 to $10, and each one represented a thoughtful approach, and, I’m sure, an act of sacrifice. You’ll hear more about this in the Parish Financial Report in September.

We now have exciting plans for the fall, too, in, first, Adult Education. During the Stewardship Campaign, you’ll be invited to take part with others in home viewing and faith sharing, leading to larger gatherings in our hall. And as our Evangelization Committee continues to meet and make viable plans to present our faith in Jesus to those around us, we also will be hosting the Archdiocesan Evangelization Training—called Missionary

Discipleship (“Go and Make Disciples of All Nations”)-- for all of North County! These monthly sessions will start August 10, and you are very much invited to attend.

An important current issue—as the ragged, suffering-laden situation continues to go on along our southern U.S. border, many, including our Social Justice Committee, have been looking for a response and direction from our church leaders. It’s been available for some time. Included later in this bulletin is the June 26 statement of the U.S. Bishops’ Catholic Conference, now led by Bishop DiNardo. He decries the human suffering in the strongest terms, especially because there are ways to alleviate much of it. This is not a political issue; in fact, parts of the current crisis developed under the past two administrations, but the crisis has swelled to unacceptable levels. And it’s not about “open borders”. The bishops call us, as always, to “hear the cry of the poor and vulnerable”; and assert our teaching that “All people, regardless of their country of origin or legal status, are made in the image of God and should be treated with dignity and respect.” Please read the entire statement on page 5, and we’ll have more on this later.

I’ll start tomorrow (Monday) on my annual driving trip to see family, the shore, and great art. See you as August begins.

-Fr. Tom


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