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From the Pastor's Pen - Fourth Sunday of Advent

A few words on the last 2 days of Advent: It’s “the Quiet Christmas”. The readings finally point to the birth of the Messiah. Without all the meals and parties, the simple, profound truth of God visiting our world can sink into us. Joseph and Mary, in today’s gospel, each follow the Lord’s promptings “quietly”, even when it was very stressful for them, and found “God with them”. For many today, the demands or emotion of this time become wearying, even unbearable. I proclaim that this feast is a commitment of God to visiting and taking up residence with each of you. Take time today, and during this long last Advent week, to joyfully read the whole Christmas stories in Matthew and Luke. CHRISTMAS MESSAGE—WELCOME! to all who are worshipping here this Christmas! We are glad you are with us to pray at this astounding feast. We can only try to reflect with you on the Eternal Word become human among us, and how he has imprinted his image on us and all creation—and what work he has left us to do. It's natural that the feast brings out an urge to pray in community, so whether this community is part of your past, present, or you are just finding us as a place to pray, you are welcome.

This year our parish is strongly engaged in—even has become a leader in—Parish Planning, Evangelization, and Faith Sharing Groups. All of these are present in the Gospel Christmas Story. God planned for unknown centuries to prepare Mary, and Bethlehem/Nazareth, to receive Jesus. Mary and Joseph pronounced his name, over and over, at his birth (Evangelization). The Angels were the first Faith Sharing Group, followed by the Wise Men. So our cutting edge parish work and growth comes right of the Christmas Event. Parishioners, come join us in these things this year, And Visitors, consider joining our parish if you don’t have one, to continue making our world a home for Jesus.

-Fr. Tom and Fr. Nickolai Please note that the Parish Office will close at noon on Christmas Eve and will re-open on Friday, December 27th at 8:30am.

Merry Christmas from the Staff at 

St. Rose Philippine Duchesne Parish!


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