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From the Pastor's Pen - Feb. 17

During the evenings the last couple of weeks, as the day’s activities draw to a close, I’ve had a good feeling. I look back and see that we’re doing well as a parish, in several critical areas, any one of which could make a pastor worried.

Our Parish Council was renewed with 5 new members in January, and has quickly voted by consensus to chair a new round of all-parish Strategic Planning. You will be hearing more about this in coming weeks as we move toward a new parish Visioning Day, and set a path for growth.

I mentioned here earlier a new Evangelization Formation Team that started recently with over 20 people. Since then I’ve again been in touch with the Archdiocese and Bishop Rivituso about the plans the diocese is renewing for our training and formation. This will help us as a parish to reach out to the 4,000 unchurched people in our boundaries with the word of Jesus and his healing and salvation.

The Finance Committee reviewed our Parish Budget for the first half of the fiscal year, July to December— and it works! including our contribution to All Saints Academy, which now administers the education and faith formation of our parish children, and others from our neighborhood. Of special note in our budget is a good increase in Offertory Giving compared to last year. This shows a great spirit of parish support and loyalty.

The Parish Retreat, which just concluded with the 5pm Saturday evening Mass, has been a source of joy to me since it was conceived. As of this writing, we prepare for it with 40-plus people attending. It’s another sign of a healthy parish that people respond to this invitation just to grow in faith and share in Christian Community.

And there’s more. But thanks to all who have helped bring the parish to such good life.


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