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From the Pastor's Pen - August 25

This Sunday falls on August 25, the feast day of King Louis, our patron saint. All Masses are being celebrated in this feast, as the Archdiocese has authorized. While a human and a man of his time, Louis had many exemplary features and a strong prayer life for us to be inspired by. Perhaps even he would have been glad at the announcement this week of a major league soccer team for our city. Seems like a long, long time coming, and as they say, a no-brainer. It’s the true world-wide sport, and so deep around here. I know I played in grade school, as I know many of you did; and a lot of people here went on also to coach, right up to today. It’ll be a good sport for us to follow and celebrate around.

Cara Koen sent out an invitation to all our groups and ministries to have a table at Festival of Ministries, September 28 and 29. You’re familiar with this—as part of our Stewardship Campaign, parishioners can peruse most all the parish ministries after Mass in the hall. It’s important for your group to take this chance to showcase your ministry or service, and to hopefully get a few more volunteers. Respond to Cara’s invitation, or call the parish office.

The school is dedicating the entire year to reflection on the Beatitudes, under Dr. Gilligan’s direction. It’s a great theme, and we could do well to use it anytime individually or communally. The qualities Jesus lists in Matthew’s Gospel are: poor in spirit, those who mourn, the meek, those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, the merciful, the clean of heart, the peacemakers, and those persecuted for the sake of righteousness. How do you rate yourself in these lights?


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