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From the Pastor's Pen

Welcome to the New Bulletin !! in full color!! I’d like to say it was all my idea, but Gina has researched this and spent a lot of time with several bulletin companies to get the best product for the same price. I hope you enjoy it!

Since I wrote last, we had Graduation for the 8th Grade Class of All Saints Acad-emy on our site. It was a very joyful event, good to celebrate the kids’ accom-plishments. They were very happy to see each other, and many of the parents were very gracious and thankful to our school. A number of the kids started here at St. Rose School in kindergarten or even pre-school. With our recent 1st communion, it’s good to know the kids special mo-ments have been celebrated.

A number of meetings continue to go on, virtually or in person at safe distance—the Federation, All Saints Academy Board, and Finance. On that last one it’s good to get s handle on where we are after the various school adjustments, and the fluctuation of Offertory giving amidst the shutdown. Many people have been very faithful to that, and it helps us go forward.

I want to begin to thank Terry O’Neil for his years of leadership on the Parish Council. I asked him several year ago to lead us into and through the Strategic Planning Process. He’s done so quite skillfully and with great dedication, even as the Ferg-Florissant School District makes great demands on him as Operations Manager. We’ll be showing our appreciation in times to come soon.

Finally, you all know that Sr. Emily is retiring. It’s all but unthinkable to not have her active in our parish, caring for so many people all week. She’ll still be a parishioner, and will serve as a volunteer. I’m sure we’ll have to hold her back some on this. Please send notes of appreciation to her at the Parish Office.


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