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From the Desk of Fr. John Nickolai

I am excited to share with you good news on several fronts!

First, I received our ACA “progress report” last week: our goal was $41,584; our Challenge goal was $54,373; and this parish has given $63,932 to date! When I first saw the message, I genuinely believed I must be reading it wrong. That is really impressive, especially in a year when it has probably been harder for many to be as generous as they’d like. Such a robust response shows our support for the wider church around us, and all the good work done at the diocesan level. At the same time, remember that this support comes back to us in different ways: the diocese gives financial assistance to parishes and schools, but also provides guidance through a number of offices and agencies, to help parishes carry out their mission. Thank you so much.

Secondly, I have been amazed every time I’ve walked into the parish hall the past few days, as our garage sale preparations continue. Everyone involved has clearly put in a huge amount of work. That said, they still need volunteers — see elsewhere in the bulletin for more information. There are also substantial plans in place to hold this event as safely as possible — masks will be required, traffic flow will be monitored, capacity will be regulated.

Third, our adoration chapel will have opened by the time this bulletin is printed. Here is another area in which the response of the parish has been gratifying. I was uncertain whether enough people would be willing to come, in order to have it open regularly. But the hours have been filled. Thanks again for your response. Parishes have been greatly blessed by the constant prayer offered in adoration chapels.


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