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Easter Joy!

EASTER JOY is hard to maintain. Look at the flowers—our people work day by day to take away those that have faded, while many of them keep their joyful appearance. So it is with us—it’s difficult to maintain a joyful attitude for 50 Days! But it’s the call the church gives us. It doesn’t mean we’ll always feel that way, or that nothing disturbing will happen to us. But we keep the awareness that Christ has risen and conquered death, and the power of sin.

We relate to this one who has died, and risen, as we do to our own deceased loved ones: honoring their memory, alert for the ways their presence will become real to us again. Jesus is even more powerful to visit us in his new state of life. In fact, St. Ignatius says that, as he did to Thomas and the apostles, Jesus comforts us “the way friends console one another.” Reflect on this beautiful image of your Friend visiting you in this Easter Season.

A number of things are usually part of the Easter Season. The “150 Drawing Club Dinner” was held last Friday night, and was a lot of fun. As usual, Joe Eaton had a lot of surprises for us. The yearlong donations gave an $8,500 donation to the parish, which helps our ministries a great deal. I’m grateful to all who participated, and especially Lee Fischer and Norma Rehme and their families for their leadership.

The ACA is an annual way to support, especially, many in retirement—teachers, sisters, and other staff—who have served our churches for years. It also supports key ministries that don’t naturally have much support, like our college campus Newman Clubs and Catholic Centers, and Birthright centers. Our generosity always shows, even as we each have many demands. Please go the Parish Hall to take care of your card.

Lastly, we’re preparing for two great Easter events: Confirmation will be held tonight, as I write this, with Monsignor Dennis Stehly officiating; and 1st Communion is Saturday. I’ll report on these joyous events next week after they happen.

An evangelizing community is filled with joy. It knows how to rejoice always. 

(Pope Francis)

-Fr. Tom


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