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From the Pastor's Pen - The Baptism of the Lord

I'm writing this from New Hampshire. I've seen 2 siblings in New Jersey and one here, and a number of generations below them too. I leave to come back tomorrow (Wednesday, 1/9), and look forward to celebrating the great feast of The Baptism of the Lord with you this weekend. It ends the Christmas Season, or more properly brings it to fulfillment. We'll see Jesus in his young adulthood, ready to take on the mantle of his adult work for the world. It's the point we look forward to for any of our young people, including several of my young family members I've just seen. Next week we begin following Him for the year according to the Gospel of Luke (Cycle C). I hope the season has been good for you. As you pack away the decorations etc., don't pack away the messages of faith you received from the Incarnation and the surrounding events this year. We're meant to bring faith, deepened by these celebrations, into the new year with us. Already work is beginning again on Parish Council, Liturgy, Evangelization, and other things. Let's be glad we had the chance to deepen our faith again in Christ born among us as we work for our family and parish.


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