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From the Pastor's Pen - Welcome!

WELCOME to all who are worshipping here this Christmas! To visitors, and our dear parishioners. We are glad you are with us to pray at this astounding feast. We can only try to reflect with you on the Eternal Word become human among us, and how he has imprinted his image on us and all creation—and what work he has left us to do. It's natural that the feast brings out an urge to pray in community, so whether this community is part of your past, present, or you are just finding us as a place to pray, you are welcome. This year I’m struck by God’s faithfulness, and what it has brought us. After creating us, and then finding us in darkness, God used Mary to bring about a savior, as the prophets said. Her acceptance of this plan brought fullness into her life, in a beautiful baby son. Because of his parents, he was brought to fullness as an adult, and gave words and works of healing and salvation. This faithfulness is evident in our parish. We’ve worked hard, and God has brought us to a good place. We are solid as a community—in our worship, our spirit, our finances, and our service. We stand with people who are hurting— our own people, and many in our surrounding area. We reach outside the parish to connect with the causes of others, and to try to make a positive difference in our world. This is all that really matters. It seems everything is challenged these days, debated, critiqued, polled for approval ratings. Our little community knows that God has been faithful, and shares his goodness with us, helping us to share it with others. That’s all that matters today. Fr. Nickolai and I appreciate your trust, confidence, and cooperation. I pray for ever deeper Incarnation of The Word among us, bringing us closer to the kingdom. Fr. Tom


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