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From the Pastor's Pen - AS WE WAIT IN JOYFUL HOPE

AS WE WAIT IN JOYFUL HOPE FOR THE COMING OF OUR SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST These words that we say after the Our Father, say it all about this wonderful season. These weeks before Christmas are a mini-representation of our whole Christian life: we live in joy as we wait for the return coming of Jesus, returning “to judge the living and the dead”, yet to “come in glory with salvation for all.” Like anything else, that which we know is ahead of us guides our actions. Not passive waiting, then, but as the author I quoted last week said, working actively and intelligently to bring it about. This is where John the Baptist comes in, in the liturgy today. “Make ready the way of the Lord, clear him a straight path.” God's reign is at hand: the kingdom of peace, fairness, harmony, fullness for all people and even the animal kingdom. The only way to ready the world for Christ’s coming is for each of us to reform ourselves. So the Sacrament of Reconciliation becomes a meaningful preparation for the Lord’s return. So we’ll have a special opportunity today (Sunday) at noon. Our children too will be offered the sacrament this week, and they always make very good use of the time for their growth and self-responsibility. Again, we don’t wait passively. There is much to do to ready ourselves and our community. On Monday, the Senior Club celebrated their annual Christmas Mass and dinner. New officers were installed: President, Helen French; Vice President, Jan Perry; Secretary, Kathy Hernandez; and treasurer, Mike Eckhoff. We all thanked Joe Schwarzbauer and Charlie Carey, who had served the past couple of years. With the Parish Council nominations, too, we further the work of the kingdom. It’s important that Fr. Nickolai and I have help to develop the best vision for the parish moving forward. This is the main group that does this. We have until tomorrow, Monday, to turn in nominations of yourself or someone you recommend.


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