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From the Pastor's Pen

A word before leaving for Convocation— I’ve glanced through the Covenant Cards (Intention Cards) that were returned this weekend, and I’m very edified. There was a lot of thought and prayer that went into these responses. There were new, and continued, ministry commitments. And there were a great number of increases in Offertory Giving, responding to my own personal increase. This bodes very well for our parish, and shows a great spirit. Whether the giving or service changed or not, I was thanked for the opportunity, and I appreciate that. Please return your card yet if you haven’t done so.

And congratulations to our Social Justice Committee! Our group was presented with the President’s Award from North County Churches United (NCCU), led by Rance Thomas, at a celebration last Sunday, for outstanding service to unite the people of our area. They’ve worked a long time on these areas, and it’s bearing fruit.


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