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From the Pastor's Pen - Share the Joy

Thanks to all who came out for our Share the Joy Pinata Party last Sunday after the 10:30 mass! Click the image above to see a photo album of the fun.

We’re coming to the end of at least the public phase of our annual Stewardship Awareness campaign. Last weekend, following on my talks the previous week, we heard from Trish and Erik Wuelling on their practice of stewardship of time, talent, and treasure to the parish, all of which they’ve given very generously. Even preparing and giving this talk at all Masses was a generous act of Stewardship, and I thank them. Our part now is just for each of us to fill out our Covenant Card (formerly Intention Card), mailed to you this week. Take a few quiet moments to mark the card. Express your intentions to God of your service to the parish in the coming year, in any of the 60+ ways listed; and your intention on your Offertory Gift during the coming year. Would it hurt to increase a little, like I am? God will take care of you. If your best is to maintain what you’ve been giving, God will honor that. Place it in the Offertory basket next weekend, or get it to the office. [You can also complete the Covenant Form online.] My thanks to our great staff for incredible work during the demanding months of August and September. We started the school year, and did the Financial Report and Stewardship mailings, along with usual tasks. We’re having a run of funerals now too, which everyone pitches in on, especially Sr. Emily. We held another effective ACTS retreat last weekend, this one for men. It’s a joy to be with them as they express and grow in faith and Christian love. We’ll have one for the ladies next fall. This week is the quadrennial Convocation for all St. Louis priests with the bishops. It’s rare for all local priests to be away together, and important growth happens as the week is filled with working and discussion sessions. The Archbishop has asked us not to solicit fellow priests to cover a parish’s Masses, as all are asked to go be with him. Deacon Denny will hold services at the morning Mass times Tuesday through Friday. Thanks for your support for this special opportunity.


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