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From the Pastor's Pen

This is the weekend of the Annual Parish Financial Report. I don’t talk about money from the pulpit very much, but this is required by church law so that you, the parishioners, are made aware of how the money of the parish is dealt with. With the fiscal year that just ended on June 30, we have a surplus like last year, but smaller.

Expenses are growing that are beyond our control (our share of teacher/employees health care). We all do our best, but our Offertory Collection—the core of our Parish Stewardship—slipped this year. My own personal contribution is again going up a few dollars for this year. We will still be paying a school subsidy, as we have been from the begging of the parish. This year and beyond, it will go toward the collaborative All Saints Academy. This will reduce our expenses and add services in the next few years.

Next weekend, the Stewardship Awareness Campaign will get underway in earnest. You’ll get mail, and I’ll deliver the homily at each Mass. Then next week, some of our lay parishioners will tell their story of responding to God’s goodness, Then you’ll receive your Intention Card in the mail, and we ask you to bring it to Mass as a renewed offering of your time, treasure, and talent. We will be stronger the more of these cards that are returned.

Please welcome this weekend Fr. Jeff Putthoff, S.J. Fr. Jeff is the new president of Trinity High School. After the startup of Trinity and years of strong leadership from Sr. Karl Mary, Fr. Jeff was recruited and accepted this challenging post.

Again this year, we’re sending letters to family members who are listed as non-Catholic, to invite them to hear more about our faith. In case you yourself get one by mistake, while being Catholic, please take this in good humor, support our effort to reach out to those who need it, and call the parish office so we can correct our records.


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