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From the Pastor's Pen - NOW IT STARTS

NOW IT STARTS—and that’s the rub. Do you know what is the most stressful thing you do to your car? It’s to start it up. That puts a lot more strain and stress on it than running along, or sitting idle. It’s the same with a parish. Things have been low-key through the summer, and now that the last summer holiday is over, a lot picks back up in earnest. Meetings, practices, planning sessions, etc. etc. And there can be a lot of stress over this. People and groups sometimes bump into each other on reserved spaces, bulletin articles, church ministries, times, or people. We need to be careful with each other, and be thankful we have a parish where so many people are doing so many things. Patience will help a lot till we get to the state of running smoothly again. The Parish Council will keep implementing our Strategic Plan in its third year, and making plans for a new one in the next year or so. I’ve been asked to be part of training on Strategic Planning for new pastors and seminarians. Thank you to those who had your picture taken for the Pictorial Directory. All who posed will receive a copy of the directory at no cost. It was understood that there would be no cost involved for those who sat for a picture in the directory and were not ordering any more prints. See the article on next page if you had an unexpected expense while sitting for the directory picture only.


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