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From the Pastor's Pen: Parish Pictorial Directory

PARISH PICTORIAL DIRECTORY This will be really really helpful—as long as everyone’s in it. Some could excuse yourself by saying it’s mainly for “families", or for couples. No. Our parish is made up of more than that. Each of you is one of our families, and we need you in this book. At the office we grab it through the week, and parishioners look it up to see, ”Who’s that nice lady who sits next to us at church?” or “Who’s the guy who’s always doing things around the parish?” I know it’s hard if you’re by yourself; especially if you lost someone recently. We need you in the book! Please have your picture taken. It won’t cost you anything unless you order prints, and you will get one free 8 x 10 picture, plus a copy of the directory.

Bob Limmer, our Head of Maintenance for the life of the parish, is retiring. I can’t imagine how grateful many of you are for so many things he’s done for you and your organizations. That’s how I feel, and we’ll have some way, shortly, of celebrating his work here. He’ll still be in the parish, and involved in our facilities as a volunteer. Meanwhile, Steve Daughety has been hired to learn under Bob the last few months, and now is our new maintenance head. We’re thrilled to have school back in session (and so are most of the kids). We start this year as part of a bigger school, 650 strong. As you know, it’s called All Saints Academy, and we have our campus here at St. Rose Philippine Duchesne. I was hoping to get out a letter on this, but I may just keep you up on it here for now.

-Fr. Tom


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