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From the Pastor's Pen - Take it to the Next Level

Take it to the Next Level - That’s what I see Jesus saying to us in the Bread of Life gospels we have on Sundays now. Having eaten the bread that had been miraculously multiplied, the “crowds” wanted more bread. Jesus told them not to be always after the bread that will perish, but the bread that will last forever. To get this Bread, the only work needed is to believe in the one the Father sent. St. Paul said, “Be transformed by the renewal of your minds.” We have three more weeks to take in this call to seek the Bread of Life.

Thanks for your support for my summer trip, and the very warm welcomes I received last weekend. I again drove myself to the East Coast, seeing 2 families of cousins and also my siblings in New Jersey. I had several wonderful days at the beach, and wonderful visits to 3 art museums that gave me inspiration for my painting, and were just really enjoyable in themselves, including interesting conversations with others viewing the works. There were other stops just for fun, including Amish territory in Pennsylvania. The driving itself over 5 days was so relaxing and peaceful.

And, as you heard last weekend, we are finally getting a new Parish Pictorial Directory! It’s been nearly 10 years. It helps tie us together in a big way, and is also timed to provide you with quality presents before Christmas to give to family and friends. The only way this Pictorial works as it’s meant to it for each parishioner to have your picture taken. When a lot of people are missing, the usefulness of it to strengthen our community is weakened. Married or single, widowed or with kids, please make your appointment. There is no charge to those who don’t order pictures.


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