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From the Pastor's Pen - Corpus Christi Sunday

It was the day of 8th Grade Graduation when I wrote my last column, so I couldn’t comment yet. What a great night it was! To see 26 young people we’ve had a deep role in forming; presenting themselves and receiving many scholarship awards. This year our school took in an unusual number new to 8th Grade, due to the closing of St. Angela Merici. These kids had a tough job to acclimate to a new school and new classmates, and the same for the students who’d been in our school longer. They all did a great job, and were proud of themselves, justifiably. The evening went on with a great dinner and music in a nearby hall.

Our school as a whole ended on Friday, the 25th, with more awards and fun. The kids left about 11am with smiles and hugs, and all but a few will be eagerly returning in August. Our school will reopen in the fall with our parish name as the “at” symbol: that is, All Saints Academy at (@) St. Rose Philippine Duchesne. Our principal and all teachers return, and we’ll run Pre-School through 8th Grade as usual. I’ll put out a letter about this to the parish in the summer.

Other news: On my “vacation” and at times since, I’ve been doing hard yard work at the family property in the city, because my brother who’s one of the owners is coming in with his wife (they’ll be here when you read this.) And this Sunday is the Feast of Corpus Christi, the Body and Blood of Christ. The North County Deanery group of parishes is again holding a Corpus Christi Procession from Sacred Heart to St. Rose’s St. Ferdinand Shrine. I won’t make it this year due to hosting family, but Deacon Bill is leading one of the Benediction stops, and his daughter Cara Koen is again providing a food celebration afterward.


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