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From the Pastor's Pen - YET MORE EASTER THINGS

YET MORE EASTER THINGS—We’re getting a fresh set of flowers for the sanctuary, to keep a sense of celebration during this long Easter Season. It’s a challenge to sustain joy for so long. Last week’s image of the Good Shepherd draws our attention. Jesus called on us to trust in HIM as our ultimate leader, not anyone else, for he uniquely has our best interest at heart. This week’s Vine and Branches likewise calls us to stay united with HIM. Another set of parish events also helps us celebrate new Easter life:

We announced earlier that Meghan Pilla of our parish was named for the Archbishop May Service Award, representing Incarnate Word High School. Each Catholic School in the diocese can name one student whose service at the school and parish, and elsewhere, distinguishes them. Meghan is quite visible in our parish, on the altar, at the Garage Sale, and in many places a hand is asked for. I attended the awards service last Thursday at St. Louis U. with her family and an IWA faculty member.

It was an amazing gathering of faith filled, dedicated H.S. seniors, and we couldn’t be more proud that Meghan represented our parish.

Another sign of Easter life is the Annual Catholic Appeal (ACA). The early apostles “were of one mind and heart. None of them claimed anything as their own, but they distributed their goods to others according to their need” (Acts 4:32-35). The ACA helps us do just that, with our community goods that you as parishioners provide. We ourselves have received around $500,000 the last few years, and now we’re in a better position, while we still receive smaller ACA grants. Please make a thoughtful gift, that can be paid in segments, as I do. Please at least come over to sign your card, whatever your decision.

Another Easter sign: a parishioner, Clarence Robinson, has a painting in a major art show. It’s at Art St. Louis on Locust just west of Tucker Blvd (12th Street.) Take time to go see it.

Finally: just what is Eternal Life anyway, since we talk about it through the Easter Season? It doesn’t start when we die. We’re born with God’s life in us, and Baptism confers a special, clear life that opens up beyond this world right away. Eternal life changes each day we live in this world. More on this next week.


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