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From the Pastor's Pen - April 8

HAPPY EASTER!! The cover of the bulletin has a special Easter treat. At Masses Easter Sunday morning, I invited kids to come up around the altar and make drawings with crayons and paper I provided. I asked them to draw faces in clouds, especially Jesus’ face. I was preaching about the spirit of Jesus, going from the cross on Good Friday, throughout all creation. They all did a wonderful job. The cover is just one of the many great pictures they made.

So Easter is about, not only the resurrection of Jesus itself, but how it’s changed and blessed all creation and all people. We can’t look at the marvelous clouds, and mountains, and forests, and streams, without seeing and feeling the face and person of Christ. And people are an especially clear picture of Jesus—whoever they are, even if they don’t know or worship Jesus. God’s spirit in Christ is in all things and all people. One priest recently called this the Universal Spirit that transcends boundaries and breaks down barriers.

What was especially striking to Fr. Steve and me were the good strong crowds we had at church to celebrate the special days of Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday. Each night there were more than a couple of hundred people, from seniors to whole families with babies. This kind of attendance and participation is a very strong statement about the strong spirit of our parish in Christ.

A great number of ministers performed essential services: our deacons, lectors, Eucharistic ministers, ushers, greeters, and especially our environmental artists, creating atmosphere in the church and the school chapel. Our servers were plentiful, very helpful, and a real delight. And our music personnel again did very generous service to lead us in song prayer.

We now have 50 days to celebrate Easter, in the longest season of the year. Look for recordings and texts of our Triduum/Holy Week homilies on our website, if you wish.

Holy Thursday Homily - Fr. Steve Robeson

Good Friday: The Amazing Spirit of Jesus - Fr. Tom Wyrsch

Holy Saturday - Easter Vigil Homily - Fr. Tom Wyrsch


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