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From the Pastor's Pen - Happy New Year!

What a neat surprise to open the paper New Year’s Day and see Joe and Mary Schwarzbauer and Mary Clare Carey on the inside! They were at the Civic Center for the (early) New Year’s Eve party and were photographed in a very jovial stance. I’m sure Charlie was nearby! One of our staff (begins with G) saw a suggestion to drop the “resolutions” we rarely keep, especially to lose weight; and resolve to become Spiritually Fit! What would we have to do? Or to give up? Or do you think you’re there already?

It’s time to try to express gratitude to the many who bring the Christmas Feast to our parish and church (and chapel). Environment people put in many hours; all the liturgical ministers show up as scheduled or volunteer last-minute. Our servers are especially helpful. We all know the Music Ministry, in its various groups, are core to the celebrations and prepare for many hours. Fr. Steve, the deacons and I are all grateful and in awe of what our people do.

My Christmas Homily will be on the website by the weekend. [Click Here to Download - or click "Homilies" button on myparishapp] I saw Jesus PLUNGE into our world and our human race, and become vulnerable. His followers and mother held him up and ministered to Him. His Father lifted Him up when He needed it most. So will we be lifted up.

We have a date for the pictures and a little narrative on Antarctica! Next week, Tuesday Jan. 16, 7 pm in the evening. With so much white in the pictures, they wouldn’t show well in the hall during the day. Let’s use our ride-sharing for those who don’t drive at night.

Our Liturgy Committee advises us on many decisions regarding the church and services. One area we don’t need to be creative is in the Eucharistic Prayers of Mass, spoken by the priest, from the Holy Holy to the Our Father. We have a number of these prayers to choose from now. They have each been carefully composed by the Church to express our theology clearly and accurately. We priests are reminded often that we are not to change, omit, or add any words, into these formal prayers. I need to take care on this myself when we’re in the midst of a vibrant service. Our homilies and others times are available to make informal comments to the congregation. I just wanted you to know what you can expect.


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