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From the Pastor's Pen

Thanks, as always, for your support for my retreat this past week. It was a very peaceful, even joyful time. The parish recap I wrote here recently was a great backdrop, to know that we’ve come so far to be in good shape and growing. I talked with a spiritual mentor, and received great input from recorded lectures by the Vatican astronomer, a Jesuit brother. He made good simple reflections about the wonders of God visible in the heavens, if we just look up and see the stars when we can. The moon and sun are wonders that mark times of days and seasons. Some Psalms he quoted are: 147,136, and 138; also Baruch 3, and Sirach 42 and 43, and Jeremiah 31.

Speaking of my recap of the parish in my last column, that was produced first for the priests of the deanery, and I went through the committee work which varies from parish to parish. I also want to acknowledge the stable parts of our parish life, the “infrastructure” so to speak. The staff in the office, including Sr. Emily and Peggy, keep day-to-day parish life flowing. Our wonderful liturgical ministers do just that—minister—with faithfulness and reverence. Special among this group are our music ministers, who put in a great amount of time and care to make the liturgies quality times of joy and prayer. I mentioned our two fine deacons and Fr. Steve’s good work to the priests. We indeed are blessed these days, and a good amount of work by all concerned has been recognized by the Lord with his blessing.

A final note: Next week I’m going on a sort of unplanned trip South. Way South, that is: Antarctica. I’ll be on the edge of the continent, seeing wildlife and trying flat cross-country skiing on the continent. This opportunity came up quickly, but turned out to be a good chance to fulfill a dream I’ve had for a long time.

I’ll be back right after Thanksgiving. Some fine priests will assist Fr. Steve with our Mass schedule.


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