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From the Pastor's Pen: Always and Everywhere

ALWAYS AND EVERYWHERE—that was the theme of last Sunday’s Stewardship Awareness homilies, in league with parishes throughout the Archdiocese. It was fun to use the WATCHES, COMPASSES and TELESCOPES we’ll be giving out this week to the kids, in this homily, to convey this “always and everywhere” sense of God’s presence, and our response. We’re already receiving interest in help for our Vincent DePaul society, Adoration Chapel, and Social Justice ministry.

This week, as every year, we hear from some of our parishioners on their choices of Stewardship. This year we’ve chosen young people, who work with those even younger: Kristen Ortiz and Joe Murphy. They lead our Youth Groups from 5th Grade through High School. It’s really impressive to see their dedication and how they choose over and over to serve our parish.

And at the Festival of Ministries today, everyone will be able to get prizes, starting with gold coins (well, they look like gold . . .) Come to the Hall after each Mass!! Then this week you’ll get the second mailing of our Stewardship season, the INTENTION CARD. It has spaces to indicate your Offertory Gift from this time forward; and also for any time and service you want to give the parish from among the dozens of ways you see again in the hall, at the Festival of Ministries. Or, you can indicate continuing in the ways you already serve. I ask you to take a little time to reflect on this card and fill it out. Even if your giving of offertory or time and service will not change, fill out the Card, and return it to Mass next Sunday. Your prayerful filling out of this card, and returning it, is really the heart of the Stewardship time. Let’s enjoy the fun and exploration ALWAYS AND EVERYWHERE in our hall and outside today. Then reflect on, and make a note of, your offerings to God this year.

* * Last Wednesday, I celebrated Mass with all the students and faculty of Trinity High School. It was on the feast of the Korean martyrs Andrew Kim, Paul and others, so I challenged the kids to “give it up for God”. I said this might mean doing homework, doing well in sports, or even going out to protest, peacefully; and to resist invitations to violence or destruction. The kids were very appreciative of this.


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