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From the Pastor's Pen - Evangelization & BeOne

In our cycle of Liturgies, we’re now in Ordinary Time-this year just getting slices of the Gospel of Matthew, without a special Sunday feast. Last Sunday was the Feast of Corpus Christi. We had our Procession, starting from Sacred Heart, from all 11 N.E. County parishes. Attendance was smaller this year—in fact none of our parishioners were there, beyond Cara who works for the Federation that put it on. Next year we’ll survey our interest in being in it.

We’ve made further plans for our basic responsibility of Evangelization, a focus we started especially last year at Pentecost. And, our huge Garage Sale had a smashing opening, judging by people and profits. Thanks to our tireless workers, especially the Committee! I wasn’t able to be at the last BeOne Justice Sharing we held recently with St. Elizabeth parish, but I’ve heard several times what a success it was. Here is Fr. Steve’s recap and further notices:

An important part of St Rose’s effort to evangelize—to spread the Kingdom of God in ourselves and others-- has been our “beOne” social justice events. Our Social Justice Ministry and that of our partnering parish, St. Elizabeth, have organized three great opportunities for you (most recently, Pentecost, June 4th, the biggest crowd ever!) to heal divisions in the region, and to ‘become more one’ with people from different parts of St. Louis by discussing important social justice topics with guidance by the Church. I have sometimes heard people excuse themselves from such events saying, “Father, I’m not a racist.” That’s great, but the avoidance of evil (such as racism) is just the beginning of our spiritual growth. After that comes doing more good, or call it ‘becoming more one.’ I need God’s Church to help me do that. Don’t you? Next beOne event, October!!! Stay tuned for more details.


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