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From the Pastor's Pen - Thanks and Congratulations!

THANKS AND CONGRATULATIONS to all who brought about our Parish Festival, and to all who came to share in the spirit. It was a great time; by Friday evening I saw a crowded Midway where the game booths were, kids enjoying the rides, and a lot of visiting under the tent. Yes rains came later in the evening both nights. We had a great Festival regardless. I don’t worry much about what the proceeds will be (and by the end of Friday night, they were close to last year anyway) but I look at the spirit of joy and community, and there was an abundance of that. Special thanks to the Festival Committee and all who worked things like the Saturday dinner, and to our leaders, Trish and Erik Wuelling.

The Ladies Club is an important part of every parish. Ours at St. Rose is likewise, and will be going on with some changes. Our leadership is changing, and not all the events previously done by the Club will be covered by them for now. I’ve seen in every parish that organizations need a fresh start sometimes with a new infusion of purpose and members. I want the Club to continue, not primarily for fundraising or staffing events at this time, but for the fellowship and community of all our parish ladies (it’s not a school Mom’s Club; it’s for all our parish women.) This summer a letter will go out inviting the women of the parish to a gathering in August to “reboot” the Club.

Please pray for the men ordained as priests for the diocese this weekend. It’s brave of them to offer their lives in service to our St. Louis Church. Likewise, we congratulate the graduates of our parish school, who celebrated on Wednesday; and all graduating from high school or college. Next Sunday is Pentecost! A rich feast to take the gifts of this Easter into the year. Many will wear red to church to join the liturgical colors of the feast.


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