The St. Rose Philippine Duchesne Parish Council Meets on the 2nd Monday of each month. Contact the parish office if there is an item you would like to add to the agenda.


2016 Parish Council Members:

Terry O'Neil, Chair

Joe Murphy, Vice-Chair

Dan Healy, Secretary

Linda Benoit

Jan Daming

Jeanne Holmes

Michelle Holschen

Mike Kister

Cara Koen

Chris Masterson

Amanda Wisa


Fr. Tom Wyrsch, Pastor

Fr. Steve Robeson, Associate Pastor

Deacon Denny Barbero

Deacon Bill Johnson

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 Our Mission:  Inspired by St. Rose Philippine Duchesne, our Parish serves God and community with its many ministries by witness of faith, through ongoing faith formation and evangelization of youth, while embracing cultural diversity and social justice. 

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We are a Parish in the Archdiocese of Saint Louis

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