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Divine Mercy Sunday

APRIL 22-23, 2017


Through St. Faustina, Jesus promised to forgive not only your sins (no matter how horrible) but all punishment for those sins as well on Divine Mercy Sunday (The second Sunday of Easter).


To obtain this forgiveness you must receive Holy Communion while in a state of grace (have previously gone to confession to a priest) and venerate the Divine Mercy Image on Divine Mercy Sunday. Pope John Paul II decreed a plenary indulgence for this Sunday so that we might truly believe Jesus’ message thru St. Faustina. To obtain this indulgence one must be free from all sin including Venial. In order for everyone to obtain this forgiveness and indulgence, the required prayers will be recited after every mass next weekend. If you wish to leave church before these prayers, please do so in complete silence. The prayers only take a few minutes.


There will be a special celebration at 2:00PM on Sunday April 23rd, beginning with the Holy Mass and followed by the recitation of the Divine Mercy Chaplet and Benediction. Fr. Robert Brockland will be the celebrant. This Mass will fulfill your Sunday obligation. So make a special effort to participate in this spiritual afternoon service and invite anyone you know who has strayed from the church to join you.

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