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Annual Catholic Appeal 

Our Parish Formula Goal for 2021 (given to us by the Archdiocese) is: $39,536

Last year, we raised $66,387. This is our Challenge Goal for this year.

Our New Donor Goal is: 61

Our Participation Percentage for the 2020 Appeal was 24%.

Our Parish Formula Goal for 2021 is less than we actually raised last year-so we need to try to raise as much as we did last year or more!

In 2020, the ACA directly benefited our parish school:

Parish School Assistance given was: $194,198

Volunteers will be in the vestibule of the Church the weekends of April 17th/18th and the 24th/25th. Please take the time to fill out your pledge card and make a small donation if possible. Any amount is helpful. If you haven't given in the past, please consider even a
$5, $10 or $20 gift. Thank you! And if you are unable to give, please take a moment and just sign your pledge card. We appreciate YOU!