Serve & Give

January 2017 Ministry Schedule (PDF)

God Showers His Mercy on Us

The foundation of stewardship is prayer. It is a lifestyle we live every day, not just on Sunday.

  • Everything we have and everything we are is a gift from God. We aren’t “owners” of anything, we are merely “stewards” of the gifts God gave us. All he is asking is to return a portion back.
  • We need to take time to thank God and be grateful for what we have. Society teaches us to want more rather than to appreciate what we already have. God provides what we need.
  • Gratitude leads to generosity – willingly sharing all our gifts. And it is not just sharing the one or wo gifts we choose. It is generously sharing all our gifts of time, talent and treasure without expecting anything in return.

St. Rose Philippine Duchesne is a very active, involved family with many lay volunteers donating their time and talents to the life of this parish. Thanks to their efforts, there is something for everyone at St. Rose. We offer a wide variety of parish programs for every age group and every interest - children, youth, adult, liturgical and outreach. Our Liturgical Ministries also provide an opportunity for involvement in worship, from serving the Altar to raising your voice in song.

Outreach is a substantial part of our parish life. We are involved in many programs including the Society for St. Vincent De Paul, Pro Life, Helping Hands, and many more.

There is something for everyone at St. Rose Philippine Duchesne and your participation is both welcomed and encouraged!

Monthly Ministry Schedule (PDF)

Children Ministries

Passing on our faith and traditions is imperative to the formation and catechesis of our little ones.

Youth Ministries

Our parish has a vibrant youth ministry -" Isaiah 64" for Fifth through Seventh Grade and "Romans 8 Fellowship" for Eighth through Twelfth Grade.

Adult Ministries

Our Catholic faith is so rich, so deep that we need to continue to grow, learn and strengthen our spirituality. It takes perseverance to strive for holiness. Our parish community is here to build eachother up in the faith.

Liturgical Ministries

There are so many ways to be involved in the celebratation of the Mass. See which ways you can help our parish glorify God.

Outreach Ministries

As the Catholic church is possibly the most charitable organization in the world, our parish should be no different. See how you can reach out to those in need and "be Christ to others".

Clubs & Organizations

Our parish has many recreational, functional and social organizations that you can be a part of.